Third Federal Savings And Loan CEO Sets The Customer First. Speak about your business tradition and exactly why an attitude that is customer-centric so essential in banking.

Third Federal Savings And Loan CEO Sets The Customer First. Speak about your business tradition and exactly why an attitude <a href=""></a> that is customer-centric so essential in banking.

Marc A. Stefanski, ceo, president and president of Cleveland-based Third Federal Savings and Loan, is marking three years within the CEO’s seat in 2010, which will be no tiny feat within the banking globe.

Since becoming chairman and CEO regarding the cost savings and loan 1987, Stefanski has overseen Third Federal’s growth that is continual the most truly effective home loan loan provider in Ohio, along with its development within the Florida market. Under Mr. Stefanski’s tenure as CEO, Third Federal has maintained and enhanced its delivery and solution of savings and home loan services and products, such as the introduction associated with the online being a distribution channel for home mortgages, with on line now serving whilst the source that is largest of loan requests when it comes to business.

Leader sat straight down with Stefanski to speak about their three decades as CEO, what’s next for the cost savings and loan industry and just why it is so essential to take care of workers with respect also to put the customer always first.

Q: speak about your organization tradition and just why an attitude that is customer-centric so essential in banking.

A: We put our customers first and away strategy 2nd. Therefore, whenever we’re making decisions, it is all predicated on clients and customer support first, in addition to strategy falls into destination from then on. We base our tradition on a value system, and our values are love, trust, dedication to excellence, dealing with the other person with respect and fun that is having.

We actually artwork products predicated on those values, therefore we also review the social individuals that work with us—our associates—based on how they indicate those values with the other person on the job along with clients. Therefore we don’t have product sales quotas, with no a person is on payment.

Q: Why would you believe women make such leaders that are great the banking room?

A: First of most, 80 per cent of our associates are ladies, therefore we depend extremely on ladies in our company. This times in the past to 1938 whenever my father and mother began Third Federal. These were an united group not just in wedding, nevertheless they had been a group in operation additionally. Whenever I ended up being growing up, my mother had not been just increasing five kiddies, but she had been intimately mixed up in company, too. We saw that through the time I happened to be created. Having ladies perform an important role in operation is certainly not a novelty in my situation, it is maybe not uncomfortable, it is quite definitely an all natural thing. In reality, from the six direct reports that We have four are females, all in key jobs at Third Federal.

“I think if you discover a distinct segment with a particular product or service, you are able to outperform your big bank rivals.”

Q: What does the long run hold when it comes to cost savings and loan industry?

A: Here aren’t too many cost savings and loans kept, many have actually transformed into banking institutions or bank charters plus they provide a product line that is diverse. Our product line is simple: We just take cost cost savings through the community and provide it back away to the community in terms of single-family, owner-occupied houses. We do 2nd mortgages, too, but our business structure is incredibly easy.

It’s a conventional model, however it is apparently working we have now expanded to 23 states via the internet and direct mail for us, and. It is very easy to expand without brick-and-mortar to deliver products and services throughout the country today. You have even an opportunity to get yourself a credit that is bad business loan for the restaurant.

The world-wide-web will probably carry on being a valuable asset within the banking industry, as a whole, but cybersecurity is incredibly important—that’s our no. 1 priority, protecting our clients due to that.

It was previously were—they were all local, you knew where branch locations were, you knew who was on the loan committees and when they met—it was a very small, very community-based business that you knew who your competitors. You don’t have that anymore. Most of the banking institutions are regional or national, and that’s our competition. We’re not small—we’re an almost $15 billion organization—but that’s small when comparing to a few of the huge businesses out here. And so the challenge would be to outperform those businesses.

Q: Thirty years as CEO within the banking globe is an extremely long tenure. What’s your key to success?

A: I think if you learn a distinct segment with a certain products or services, you can easily outperform your big bank rivals. They provide a smorgasbord of every thing, but discovering that competitive niche where you could outperform a superregional, nationwide or worldwide bank we think is key.

That’s what we’ve done at Third Federal: we now have a niche in house financing and then we feel that individuals do so a lot better than someone else, we cost much better than someone else, we can turn more than a loan faster than other people. You should be in a position to perform a lot better than someone else if you’re going to be in a product that is particular or solution.

And, needless to say, hiring the right individuals and dealing with them well. You’re going to be able to leverage that human capital and do a much better job than some of the other companies out there that may not treat their people as well if you have good people that are dedicated and loyal.

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